10 Awesome First Date Ideas for Cam Dating

Cam dating can be about more than video chats. You can have really fun dates online if you get creative!

There are some awesome date ideas out there that you can try to use to your advantage. Creativity is everything when doing dates over webcam. Here are the most awesome first date ideas that you can use to your advantage when trying to impress, but also trying to open the lines of communication after meeting someone on www.LatinConnections.tv.

Top 10 Awesome First Date Ideas

These awesome first date ideas are everything that you want and more. You can do all of these ideas over the cam. If you are taking things slowly and starting out over cam, these are your go-to for wining and dining!

Watch TV Shows or Movies Together

Set up a time to come together over webcam with your comfy blankets, some popcorn and drinks to have a night that includes some of the best television shows, as well as movies.

Find an Online Game to Play

When you want to spend some time doing something fun, then check out all of the games that are out there. You can pull up Bingo, Scrabble or others that bring fun to the table and you can see and hear each other, making it even better.

Plan Out a Dinner

You can both make the same meal and sit down with candles lit and just have a great time talking and laughing over a meal. Raise your glass to a toast!

Make a Craft Together

If you are both crafty, then it might be a good idea to have a wine and painting date. This is a great activity for even those that are next to one another and not over webcam.

Learn More Through Online Tests

This seems cheesy, but it is definitely fun. You get to know more about the other person and you can find out if these internet tests actually let you know if this will last forever.

A Pretend Online Vacation Trip

Go on vacation through virtual tours that are available online. You just have to choose a destination and then take the tours that the websites offer from the resorts.

Truth or Dare

You have probably played this game at sleepovers before. You can think of the most outrageous things and see what they come up. Just know, if you are dared, you have got to do it!

Virtual Reality 

Taking a date in a virtual setting is always fun. You will both need the gear to do this, but if you have the setups, it brings a lot of fun plus it can feel like you are next to each other.

first date ideas

Make a Playlist Together

Music is a great way to bring people together. You can build on a shared playlist when you meet online. Talk about some of the bands and music you like and then compile a great list to listen to.

Watch the Sunrise or Sunset

Sit over the camera together and watch the sunrise or sunset happen in front of you. This is also a to-do on the “love” list of date ideas to do.

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