5 Tips for Spotting a Catfish on Dating Websites

Finding a catfish on dating websites is more common than you think. Catfishing is when a person is pretending to be someone who they are not. They may even be hiding something about themselves. There are many things that can count as a catfish when speaking with someone online.

How to Tell Who is a Catfish on Dating Websites

Use these top tips to find out who is a catfish on dating websites that you are on. While it might not be easy to spot one every time, knowing some tips and tricks on how to spot them can help you narrow down the people who might have something hidden in their past.

How Suspicious are They?

The person will have a lot of suspicious behavior if they may be a catfish. They might not want to send pictures or cam. They might not talk on the phone with you. They may not want too many of the things that would normally be done by someone else. A lot of times the person may state that they just do not have a cam, but many modern computers and monitors come with them built-in these days.

Check Their Circle of Friends

Do they have a lot of friends on social media or on websites? Is their circle somewhat small or rather large? Usually, those with smaller circles or with fewer friends on these websites are those that have just made them. They are using a fake profile because they do not want their real life to interfere.

Do an Online Search

Find out more about the person by searching online for their name. You can also do an image reverse lookup and see who it brings up. Chances are if it is not them, who it really is will pop up and confirm your suspicions.

Ask for Photos

Always ask for photos, but then determine if the photos are too good. Do they seem perfect in every shot? Are they reluctant to take a selfie somewhere that you ask, or doing what you ask? Are the photos just too good to be true?

Do They Disappear a lot?

Someone that is catfishing will tend to disappear a lot and then have a detailed excuse as to why they were gone. They might have gotten into a car accident, were sick in the hospital or anything else. They want pity so you forgive them, but they might have just been living their normal life.

Keep in mind, if you are using a reputable dating website like Latin Connections, you do not have to worry so much about catfish. The website does a lot of background work to make sure that people are who they say they are. They also provide a place for cams, so that you can view and speak with the person face to face online without committing to meet them.

There are many ways to protect yourself with online dating. Make sure you are using the tips and tricks on how to do so. Online dating can be a great way to get out there and meet people, but you will not be successful if you are unaware of when someone may be catfishing you. Protect yourself and your interests by knowing who those catfish are.

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