Super Gusta

Hi everybody welcome to, now we’ve been working on this project for a long time. We’re gonna have all kinds of really good features. First of all, the first five thousand people are free, how’s that for a feature? We’ve got what we call the super gusta, which is a feature where you’ll be able to actually send videos to people on a more personal basis as opposed to texting. I mean how much better does it get? Instead of having some cold text sent to you, you get an actual video.

If you sent somebody a super gusta, you could go ahead and you could reply to it for free or you can go ahead and send it to somebody else and you’re going to have a good idea of who you’re dealing with. You’re going to see the different little tricks that we have to make this thing fun.

The bottom line is I’m creating this dating site that you’re going to really enjoy and until this thing gets going and we have plenty of people in it, no one’s paying. It’s going to be free and we’re going to build it up and we’re going to have fun building it up. Little by little you’re going to see we’re going to get it up and going.

If you have any questions or want to get into any kind of promotion or want to become one of my ambassadors call me at 561-239-0364.

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